Help needed, can anybody recomend

  geewis357 21:04 13 Apr 07

Hi guys,
Can anybody recomend a good web host, I am a mature University student who has been shown a few tricks with PHP and HTML and would like to experiment and take things a little further. My curent web host is only £4 per year but does not support PHP, I have a bit of web space at Uni but not enough to play with. Any sugestions are welcome.

Manny thanks.

  kindly 23:38 13 Apr 07

University, uumm,, bet you having a good time. Anyway, do you have an ISP at home. If you have do they have any web space for you to use. If so you can still update the site from uni. You can try to use a free web design program from Ewisoft. It allows you to use HTML and has the added benifit of having a program built in for uploading aswell.
Good luck

  geewis357 17:03 14 Apr 07

Many thanks for the advice folks I will give it a go.

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