help needed with 5.1 surround system

  eg4am1 21:16 05 Oct 06

hi i just bought a 5.1 surround speaker for computer not knowing that my *!@:ty :) laptop doesnt work with it does any one know of any convertor i can get to make it work plz help

  STREETWORK 21:21 05 Oct 06

Creative - Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX

click here

  eg4am1 21:26 05 Oct 06

click here
have a look at this and plz tell me if it will work ?

  DieSse 21:33 05 Oct 06

It won't do what you want - it's for making "pseudo" 5.1 sounding noises out of two speakers.

What STREETWORK recommends will give you real 5.1 soundv (with real 5.1 sources).

  DieSse 21:35 05 Oct 06

What make/model is the laptop - !@:ty :) is not a make I recognise


  eg4am1 21:36 05 Oct 06

its a acer travel mate 2 yr old !!

  DieSse 21:39 05 Oct 06

Model number? - there's lots of Acer Travel Mates, probably all with different specifications.

  eg4am1 21:42 05 Oct 06

click here
what about this ! ? :)
and the model number is 4062WLMI
can u plz check the link above ? and lemme know :)

  DieSse 21:51 05 Oct 06

That looks OK - but bear in mind it's very, very, cheap, and shipping from Hong Kong.

  eg4am1 21:53 05 Oct 06

yeah thts the thing its cheap !! and i m broke :( do u think i should take the risk ?
thnx for ur help !!!!

  DieSse 21:56 05 Oct 06

click here

To me this looks more promising - from the UK and a known makers label.

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