Help needed

  Bike-it 23:12 05 Mar 09

My mates laptop will not let him update any programmes like adaware, malawarebytes, and norton or log into any mail accounts like Yahoo & BT but the programmes will all update and run in safe mode, they find things which i have cleaned or deleated but whenever i boot back up in normal mode the update problem and logging into the mail accounts is still there.
I need help ASAP.

  Graham. 00:25 06 Mar 09

'Updates and mail problems' would seem a good a good title. You see, people will see that and think 'I can help with this'.

  rdave13 00:39 06 Mar 09

Running in safe mode (with internet connection) allows your security programs to run and also to connect to mail and updates. Could be too many anti virus or firewall programs running at the same time. One firewall and one anti virus programs should be running. If you have a security suit such as Norton then you should have no other firewall or AV installed and Microsoft's own firewall should be disabled.
Sounds like a conflict with your 'real time' security programs.

  Bike-it 00:10 07 Mar 09

I think i might have the problem now sorted, fingers crossed, I uninstalled Norton security suite and I was able to update all the programmes listed above, and access the email accounts, I will download Avira AV so I have some protection.
rdave13 thanks for your advise.

  gazzaho 04:04 07 Mar 09

Just thought I'd give you a word of warning I downloaded Avira to evaluate it prior to buying and it disconnected my internet connection completely, I couldn't even connect to update it.

After trying for an hour to fix it I just uninstalled it and reinstalled my existing Security software, I'm sure it was something to do with the firewall but I just couldn't be bothered trying to sort it out.

It may work fine for you but I just thought I'd mention it.

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