HELP! Need to record sound being played out speake

  cheerup347 19:42 07 Dec 07


im in a huge rush as this is music courseowkr. and basically, i recorded a guitar track using a minidisc recorder and a condesnsor microphone,l i then used an audio cable to record this inot cubase (music recording program) and long sotry short.....

Its an audio track in cubase, which is what i want, but it sasy theres an error what i try and export to an mp3 or wav etc. So i need a program that can record ANY sound coming out of your computer if that makes sence. i had oen years ago but need a naeme of a program

it needs to capture any sound being played out of my computer...

any help is much apreciated.


  MCE2K5 19:50 07 Dec 07

Audacity, click here

  cheerup347 21:17 07 Dec 07


will this capture sound being played via cubase and record witrhout cables or anything?

how do i set this up so it records whatevers being played through my speakers?


  cheerup347 21:23 07 Dec 07


yeah i cant seem to capture sound being played from cubase or itunes etc. what do i need to set it to record from?

i cant find anytihng in preferences or anything.

ive tried an audio cable going from the speaker socket to the microphone socket on my sound card but i jsut get crackle noise and no sound recorded.


  MCE2K5 21:51 07 Dec 07

Press Ctrl+Pfor Preferences, Then set the Audio I/O,
Playback Device: (Mine's Microsoft Sound Mapper-Output).

Recording Device: (Mine's Realtek HD Audio Input).

  MAJ 21:51 07 Dec 07

Open Audacity and go to Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O tab and select the 'Microsoft Sound Mapper' in both the 'playback' and the 'recording' sections, you can choose Mono or Stereo in the 'recording' section under 'Channels'. Click OK. Play your music and hit the record button. You can adjust the input and output volumes as required from the toolbar.

  MCE2K5 21:52 07 Dec 07

Should have read, Press Ctrl+P for

  Musicfan 14:36 30 Nov 09

[url=click here]MP3 Recorder Studio[/url] can do it

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