Help, my whites have turned blue in Photoshop CS

  jonmac 07:36 20 Aug 06

I use Photoshop CS and was happily ignorant of Colour Settings and normal colour printing on my Epson printer here at home.
However, I produce a small colour magazine and found that colour photos there were a bit on the dark side.

My publisher lent me a device to calibrate my monitor (didn't see much difference) and gave me a colour profile file to install which I presume represents his big printing press.

Now, of course I find that whites in prints from my Epson are coming out with a blue tinge. However I have lost my note of what my default settings were in photoshop in Edit,Colour Settings. I remembered to reactivate Adobe Gamama Manager in Start-up which had to be unchecked before installing their files.

Can someone please have a look in their software and give me values for default settings for the following?

Working Spaces -
Colour Management Policies -
Conversion Options -
Engine, Intent

Thanks in advance

  jonmac 08:07 20 Aug 06

Just noticed a wee confusion in the first sentence. Should have read "and normal colour printing on my Epson printer here at home was fine with white whites"

  exdragon 09:37 20 Aug 06

Hi, jonmac. These are the settings I have, which go with my calibrated monitor and profile - you could try them to see if they help!

Working space: Adobe RGB (1998), Euroscale coated v2, dot gain 15%, dot gain 15%. )I was told that it didn'treally matter about the last 3 items, but the Adobe RGB (1998) was important)

Colour Management Policies: Preserve embedded profiles, CMYK off, Gray off.

Conversion options: Engine Adobe (ACE), Intent Perceptual

Good luck!

  johnnyrocker 09:39 20 Aug 06

system restore to before the install?


  jonmac 09:47 20 Aug 06

exemprdragon - Thanks for that. I'll try those now.
johnnyrocker - Thanks for that too. I'll give that a try also if the other settings don't work. It means going back about a couple of months or so. I don't do a lot of colour printing so it was some time before I realised there was a problem.

  David4637 14:03 20 Aug 06

System Restore will only restore window system files (Registry etc), NOT preference file(s) in Photoshop. David

  jonmac 14:53 20 Aug 06

Tried the default settings you supplied, exmpdragon, and the main change was to turn the bluish white cast into a pinkish beige one!
Didn't do the system restore because, thinking about it, I reasoned that it wouldn't work with preferences as you confirm, David4637.
Also uninstalled/reinstalled the printer with latest drivers but to no avail.
Not sure what to do next apart from reloading the Creative Suite whsich I'd rather not at this stage.
I'm using a test file with two copies of an advertisement I made up, one in black and white the other in colour against a white background and the colour cast extends over the whole area. I then do a print preview although I know the hard copy will be similar when printed.
I'm at a loss what to do next.
Having said that I've just inserted the file into the InDesign magazine then printed to .pdf as it's normally sent to the Professional Printers that way for production and there's no sign of the colour cast, the white is one pure white.
Anyone understand that?

  jonmac 15:52 20 Aug 06

Further to the above, if I then print the magazine file in .pdf form everything is OK with white whites, if I print the file to .pdf from Photoshop it has the bluish whites.
Confused yet? I am!

  exdragon 16:45 20 Aug 06

jonmac - sorry it didn't work! Keep updating the thread, though - hssutton may pick it up and be able to sort you out

  jonmac 17:08 20 Aug 06

Thanks exmpdragon

  jonmac 21:07 20 Aug 06

Have any of you evening experts suggestions?

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