Help - My webpages have gone wrong

  Pesala 13:28 20 Jul 03

I edited my pages in Star Office 6.0, which seemed to work like a dream, but I since discovered that the pages don't render properly in Opera when zoom in greater than 100%.

Can anyone tell me what has gone wrong? Below is the code inserted by Star Office at the start of each page. The site uses frames, and this is the main text frame - left and top frames are for navigation. click here to visit a typical page.


META HTTP-EQUIV="CONTENT-TYPE" CONTENT="text/html; charset=windows-1252">

TITLE>Buddhism /TITLE>

BASE TARGET="_parent">
META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="StarOffice 6.0 (Win32)">


META NAME="CREATED" CONTENT="20030718;16554472">


META NAME="CHANGED" CONTENT="20030718;19464766">

TD P { color: #000000 }
P { color: #000000 }
A:link { color: #0000ff }
A:visited { color: #800080 }


BODY LANG="en-US" TEXT="#000000" LINK="#0000ff" VLINK="#800080" BACKGROUND="../assets/duplicate1/AB___128.JPG" ONLOAD="if((navigator.appName=='Netscape') && (navigator.appVersion.charAt(0)=='3') && (navigator.appVersion.indexOf('Win')+navigator.appVersion.indexOf('Mac')!=-2)) document.bgColor=document.bgColor;">

  PurplePenny 13:51 21 Jul 03

Hi Pesala, now I wonder why they were created in Star Office ;-)

I've just visited your page with Opera 7.01, 7.20b and IE. I tried it from 70% - 120% and the main frame seems to be rendering OK each time. The only difference that I saw was that the navigation font size also changes with Opera but not with IE. Is that what you meant?


  Pesala 15:14 21 Jul 03

The change in size of the navigation bar is unfortunate, but one can work around it by maximizing the frame to read the text. I recommend that users download my whole site from the home page to work off-line.

The problem click here seems to be caused by Opera, but I first noticed this happening on my site after updating my files edited in Star Office. Opera 6.05 has a problem with it too, but it manifests differently. Refresh display (Ctrl R) seems to fix it. I cannot get it to happen on, say, the BBC News page or most other websites. It does also happen on this one click here

The Navigation bar font is graphics, so it won't change with IE, while the text font size will change. The problem with the navigation frames when zooming with Opera would require a radical design change. I will soon get Net Objects Fusion 4. If that imports my NOF 2 files then I may think again about the site design.

  PurplePenny 19:22 21 Jul 03

I didn't get that problem on your site or the Burma one with OPera 7.01 BUT ... I have noticed a similar problem when reducing to less than 100% on some sites e.g. Google Groups.

Might be worth checking the Opera Users forum:
click here


  Pesala 22:26 21 Jul 03

I've already done that, but not much joy so far: click here

  PurplePenny 19:54 23 Jul 03

I see what you mean, not very helpful. The corruption doesn't look to me like anything that would be caused by the fonts that you are using. Anyway Times and Verdana are both standard.

Have you bought Opera? If you have then you can submit it as a support question. I would offer to do it but I've already got them tied up with a probelm that I'm having (which I'll be posting here shortly :-))


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