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  damen1786 18:50 PM 29 Jun 09

hey everyone i recently build my own site using rvsitebuilder, however im wanting to change to joomla, how do i keep my site up whilst i change to the one i make on joomla, i want to keep the url's all the same etc any help please?

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  Forum Editor 18:54 PM 29 Jun 09

and save it to your hard drive. Make the changes, and then upload the new version to the server. When prompted to respond to the question: "Do you want to over-write the files on the server, click on the 'Yes' response.

  damen1786 18:58 PM 29 Jun 09

the trouble is when i want to install joomla i cannot install it to my url i have to install it to click here .com/admin/admin because /admin is already in use! if that makes sense? is there a way to build it and keep the old one online?

  OTT_Buzzard 11:14 AM 30 Jun 09

there a way to build it and keep the old one online?

Probably not, i'm afraid. When you install joomla it's done automatically server side and will work relative to it's install path.

So, keeping all URL's (old and new) will be almost impossble unless you install joomla to a different location, publish it then change all the URL's to suit match the old one's. Alternatively, do as above but put in redirects for the old URL's to the new locations under the joomla set-up. Hope that makes sense!


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