Help! "My Postings" all out of order!!

  six-h 02:26 11 Sep 07

I've been trying to get my "My Postings" back in to descending chronological order of "last reply".
Now, EACH of the four pages has a selection of dates, rangeing from the present, back to 2003, all neatly arranged in the required order!
Not what I had in mind!
Don't know how they got mixed up in the first place.
Until a day or so ago, they were all OK, then suddenly this,mess.
Any ideas, or similar experience?

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pca are working on it,other threads fyi.

  six-h 02:49 11 Sep 07

And there was me thinking I had cocked it up all by myself!
Thanks for "Lighting my darkness" Raven, I'll call this resolved and just wait for the magic to work...........:-))

should be fixed now
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  six-h 16:05 11 Sep 07

Thanks for letting me know..:-)
I was quite prepared to wait a few days!
Good to have it back in order, useful when following the threads of others.

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