Help my PC won't startup!

  May$ 11:25 12 Jul 04


Tried to startup my pc as normal but it wont boot up normally. All it does is beep twice and nothing else!

Tried it with on another monitor but nothing doing!

Please help!

  xania 11:31 12 Jul 04

What mobo and BIOS do you have. Your manual may tell you what that double beep means. For example
click here

  bof:) 11:32 12 Jul 04

Hi May$,

do you know what make the bios is of your PC? If so can you get to another pc and look for a site of what are called 'beep codes'. These are the beeps that show the POST test is being run by your PC and depending upon the number of beeps and their spacing is shows which part of your pc is faulty.

are you able to check that everything inside your pc casing is sited properly...remember to turn your pc off 1st and watch for static.


  May$ 12:03 12 Jul 04

I have looked in th manual and online but gave been unsuccsessful in finding either. I have fujitsu siemens computer. The make is Scenic P. I am running windows XP.

  The Dark Sage 12:33 12 Jul 04

What is the exact model number of your PC, if you can get us that then we might be able to find out what BIOS you are using.

From there we will be able to find out what 2 beeps mean.

For further information - what were you doing with your PC the last time it worked? DId you have the case open or anything?

  May$ 12:39 12 Jul 04

just realised that it beeps twice because the mouse and keyboard not plugged in duh!

Anyway still nothing on the screen tried on different monitor but still nothing.

  The Dark Sage 12:43 12 Jul 04

Does it beep - if so how many times -?

  May$ 12:44 12 Jul 04

yes.I opened it up to remove a firewire port as i wanted to put it into another computer. I starting to get worried that I have fried the motherboard somehow.

  May$ 12:51 12 Jul 04

sorry about the confusion

it doesnt beep NOW(which is normal) but it isnt showing anything on the screen no bios no nothing.

It also beeps when i press esc or enter but thats it (honest)

  Optimo 12:55 12 Jul 04

seem to remember reading somewhere that 2 beeps on start up means there is a RAM failure. not 100% though

  The Dark Sage 13:17 12 Jul 04

Sorry to have to ask but have you checked that the monitor is securly attached to the PC?

Also - do you know for a fact that the monitor you have attached works?

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