help my pc has died

  krsna 20:12 26 May 04

When I switch my pc on the POST appears to start but I get no picture on the monitor and the pc just does a 3 sec bleep then quite for 2sec and then bleeps agains for 3sec and this continues. I have tried starting up the pc with F8 pressed, no difference. If you press the DVD drive eject the draw opens. I took the cover off & the CPU fan is spining as normal.
I did have this bleeping noise once before when my hardrive went faulty, I can feel the hardrive spinning away, so I tried unplugging it & but it made no difference.
Any idea what to do.
I thought it might because I had accidently left my pc on overnight and all day, so I switched it off and since then it wont fire up.

  PSF 20:18 26 May 04

If you have an AGP graphics card remove it and refit it. 3 beeps is normally no AGP card detected. Don't forget to earth yourself fist as static and damage the card.

  johnnyrocker 20:18 26 May 04

check and reeat graphics card?


  johnnyrocker 20:19 26 May 04

damn must type quicker;))


  PSF 20:22 26 May 04

LOL, that normally happens to me. ;-)

  krsna 21:17 26 May 04

I have tried re-seating the graphics card, but it has made no difference. Also the intermittent, is not just for 3 bleeps but carries on as long as the pc is switchedon.
Could it be the PSU?

  PSF 21:44 26 May 04

click here

click here It could be your memory, try re-seating it, have a look at the links for your bios.

  Fruit Bat 22:11 26 May 04

beep codes explained here click here

  woodchip 22:20 26 May 04

If you have more than one stick memory remove one at a time and try comp the memory needs to be in slot 0 or slot 1 depending how the have marked the MOBO

  krsna 10:56 28 May 04

I have re-seated the RAM & this has cleared the fault. I would like to say thanks to everyone who
helped me. Without your help I was really stuck.
Thanks everyone.

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