Help with monitor choice please.

  Simsy 12:29 14 Aug 05

Hi folks,

I'm looking to get a new monitor for my son who will shortly be going away to university. Space is at a premium andwe're looking for a flat screen model...

Budget is up to £150 inc P&P, (which cannot be exceeded!)

I'm looking on eBuyer and this one seems suitable;

click here

But what is meant by;

Signal Connector - 15Pin Mini D-Sub ??

This isn't mentioned on others I've looked at, (unless I'm missing something). Is this an "ordinary" monitor connecter? The Graphics card in the PC is not new, i.e. it's only 16M RAM and doesn't have a digital input.

(If he want's to do any gaming he'll haveto pay for graphics upgrade... and he can't afford it so it ain't gonna happen!!)

Also, I'm looking at 2 other models;

click here

Which is from CTX, who I know from personal experience have good after sales service, so that's a plus.... and

click here

It seems to have a fast response time, but if it's not going to be used for gaming I'm not sure it's an issue.. is it?

The PC will mainly be used for office/internet stuff, but possibly some image editing as well. He's doing a graphics course at uni and most of that type of work will be done on the provided MACS.

Sorry to seem so vague... I'm not up to speed on this stuff, any observations welcommed, particularly myfirst question, about the type of connector.

Thanks in anticipation, for your time.



  Happy Soul 12:33 14 Aug 05

Try click here Simsy.

  pj123 12:52 14 Aug 05

Yes, 15 pin Mini D sub is the standard monitor to graphics card connector.

For some more choice click here

  Simsy 12:55 14 Aug 05

the 17" seems competitive on price... but I still need to be reassurred about the connector. The Novatech also refers to the connector being "15 pin D-Sub"

Can someone confirm that this is a "normal" connector?




  Simsy 12:57 14 Aug 05

crossed posts.

I'll check out your link.



  Simsy 13:51 14 Aug 05

There's so much to consider!!

I'll look into this more during the afternoon. In the meantime, if anyone can specifically recommend, or otherwise, the models I'm considering;

Ebuyer LM17L 17" TFT

Benq FP767-12 17" TFT

CTX S772A 17" TFT

LG L1715S 17" TFT 16ms 450:1 (1280x1024) "Non-Glare" Monitor - Charcoal & Grey

or from Novatech,

Novatech 17" TFT Multimedia Flat Screen Monitor

I'd appreciate nay observations.

Many, many thanks,



  Technotiger 14:03 14 Aug 05

Hi, I, and two of my friends all have bought the 17" TFT from Novatech - we live very near their main Outlet. We are all very pleased with our purchases. Novatech are an excellent firm to deal with, their sales room is cleaner than many hospitals!!


  GaT7 14:13 14 Aug 05

Another one at £126 click here.

They are also doing a couple of 19" ones at just under £160: click here
& click here.

Both the above have been taken from the Web Super Specials page click here. The homepage is click here. G

  GaT7 14:15 14 Aug 05

Another 17" one from Aria at £133 click here. Sorry for making it harder to choose ; ) G

  Totally-braindead 14:16 14 Aug 05

The Dsub is the standard monitor connector and all the cheaper monitors, mines included, have these. If you buy a slightly more expensive model it may come with DVI port which is meant to give a better picture. Have a look at the Dell 17" TFT click here= fourth one down, if you notice it has both 15 pin and DVI. I've got the Arianet 17" and its cheaper but no DVI. If your PCs graphics cards doesn't have a DVI out then you can't use this anyway but the normal connectors good enough for me. If you're worried about dead pixels they'll unbox and check it for £19.99.

  GaT7 14:19 14 Aug 05

Even more choice (filtered results: 17-18 inch & ascending prices) - click here. G

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