help, monitor cable dosent fit motherboard.

  stephen0205 10:55 25 Jul 07

Hi guys im gettin really *!@:ed off, i decided to build a new pc and i found a nice motherboard with sata and hdmi, and so on, and i thought my monitor would fit and it dosent, is there a cable i can buy to make it fix it. The one coming from the monitor has 3 rows of pins and my motherboard should of had the blue slot where the pins go in, but it has a set of pins in 2 rows kinda like the monitor. What cable do i need or convertor, i bought an adapter to fix this but it has 3 pin holes double sided ( the blue one ).

  thms 11:09 25 Jul 07

What is the make of your motherboard?
Is your monitor vga or dvi?

also see here for a collection of leads and connectors click here

  thms 11:21 25 Jul 07

Looking at your thread again looks like you will need one of these click here

  stephen0205 12:11 25 Jul 07

thanks but none of these help me. ill try to show u

my monitor cable looks like this

click here

and my motherboard looks like this

click here

so what do i need lol.

  thms 12:47 25 Jul 07

Well your monitor has a vga connector.
What kind of graphics card have you installed.
Looking at the specs for your motherboard it doesn't appear to have onboard graphics.

Most graphics cards have either vga or dvi connections don't know about hdmi though.

  audeal 12:48 25 Jul 07

Monitors do not connect to the motherboard. They connect to the rear of the case.

  hastelloy 12:51 25 Jul 07

You need a PCIE graphics card as the mb doesn't have onboard graphics.

  thms 12:53 25 Jul 07

That's why i'm wondering if a graphics card is fitted?

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