Help with Microsoft Project

  JE-KM 11:19 15 Oct 04


I have a question about project, if someone could please help!

I am trying to have different levels of tasks. I have 3 different levels of abstraction (so for example, if you are making a car, you can breake the tasks down further into make wheels, make doorrs, etc., and then you can break those down further still, eg. make door handle, etc.)

But as soon as I make a sub-task, the parent task automatically becomes a Summary.

Is there anyway I can have levels of tasks without them being summaries?


  scotty 11:51 15 Oct 04

Not sure I understand what you are trying to do as one of the main features of Project is to take small tasks and show how these fit together and hence show how long the overall task takes!

That aside, it is possible to colour code bars on youe GANTT chart and you could use this to distinguish between the different levels.

Go to Format\Bar Styles. Use Flags to identify the various levels. You can add columns to the table by right clicking on the titles bar of the tagle and selecting Insert Column. Use this to show Flags 1-3 which you set to show if a task is level 1, 2 or 3.

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