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  Poloman69 15:42 27 Jan 04

I am building a very large database for my company logging errors each advisor makes on a mnothly basis. I need help with the following.

We have 100 members of staff split into 12 teams, through 1 line manager. I need help trying to configure my access database to show the following =>

Manager => Team Manager => Advisors

When i key in any of the advisor's names on my table, i want access to automatically register and bring up the Team Manager's details - corresponding to which team they are in


Typing in the advisor

Mr A Bloke - will bring up

Mr Team Manager

Then these can be printed off in the report which can be fed manually to each manager each month showing the errors.

I have looked into building relationships to do this, but as yet have failed.

ANY help ?????????????????????/

  Trolley 15:49 27 Jan 04

If I were creating the database, I would have one table that had the team manager information and link it to another table that has the advisors info on.

In the advisors table you would use the lookup command in the design view to look up info in the team manager table.

When you create a query then, you need to add both tables for the information to be found.

Is this any help?

  Trolley 15:50 27 Jan 04

PS: The relationships for this will be created automatically as you have created a lookup field.

  Poloman69 12:26 03 Feb 04

thankyou for the above. I tried this having one teable which contains the 100 members of staff using a class number next to them for the 12 team managers and another table which has the 12 team managers with a relevant class number corresponding vut the lookup query didn't seem to work.

Any ideas how i can sort this out so it will work

  Poloman69 12:30 03 Feb 04


  Poloman69 15:59 10 Feb 04

Here's a layout of what i want it to do

Inputting data on a table:

Type in: Mr A Person

I want access to automatically detect that name and bring up their office extension number, team manager and office manager

Currently for each error i have to type their name, ext number and team manger EACH time that advisor makes an error. It would be some much easier if i just had to type their name and access would automatically register that name and bring up their other details.

ANY HELP ??????????????????????????????

  Poloman69 14:35 11 Feb 04


  Poloman69 13:35 23 Feb 04

still having problems - can anyone help?

  Chris the Ancient 16:27 23 Feb 04

Have caught the re-issue of your thread.

I find it rather difficult to see where your difficulties are in generating the relational links. It may be a problem with the unique referecing - but it's difficult to tell with the information given.

A very good site for specifically Access problems can be found at...

click here


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