help - messed up a dll file when loading a tablet

  SANAP 13:38 05 Oct 10

I loaded some software to use macros for a medion tablet onto my dell inspiron 6400 laptop with win xp pro but it has bricked my laptop on reboot and got the BSOD. The error message says a DLL file has been illegally moved and replaced by a medion one!!! I tried safe mode and go back to last working etc to no avail but with that file moved how do I correct it? To say I am annoyed is an understatement, the manual did say do a back up but don't know how to.
I cant understand how xp allowed a file to be moved that was so important

Can I recover or is it a complete re-install and lose everything?


  rawprawn 13:49 05 Oct 10
  SANAP 23:10 05 Oct 10

thanks for link, found the original cd, followed the guide and the when I select c: to repair I get asked to Enter admin Password and it is here I am well and truly stuck. I cant even remember if I set an admin PW. I got 2 user accounts and they appear on boot up. I tried a few PW's but no joy. I then went to set up and changed admin PW, put a PW in unlock settings all to no avail. I tried DELL as a PW and even Password. I have moved house so cant for the moment find any piece of paper with a pw. Laptop was bought Nov 06.



  SANAP 23:12 05 Oct 10

a ps, when I get to repair screen and select R the next screen shows 2 directories C: and F: I select C: but maybe I should opt for f:??


  robin_x 23:23 05 Oct 10

Try not entering a password, just hit Return.

Repair C.

  SANAP 23:26 05 Oct 10

OOPS I should have said I tried that as well!!


  SANAP 20:12 06 Oct 10

an update, rang DELL today and spoke to an INDIA cs person. After a long explanation I was told in no uncertain terms TOUGH you cant by pass the administrator PW and yes you did set one when first setting up the laptop in dec 2006.

I have searched and searched without success, cant even find the invoice.

Could I have sett it up with 2 accounts and both with admin rights with no PW??


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