Help with Memory Please!!

  GOOLY 10:43 09 Jan 05


I'm currently running Adata 512mb DDR PC3200.

I want to upgrade to at least a gig, could anyone tell me whether it is possible to have over a gigs worth of memory on your computer?

Possibly 2 gig sticks of memory? or is this completely absurd!

Help appreciated,


  g0nvs 10:46 09 Jan 05

Win ME limit of 512mb. XP no limit,( Depending on your mobo of course}.

  GOOLY 10:56 09 Jan 05


yeah I'm running XP - my motherboard is an Asus K8N

Would it be able to take more than a gig?


  bremner 11:08 09 Jan 05

click here if this is your board then you will see it can handle 3GB of memory.

  citadel 11:25 09 Jan 05

Is it true that once you go above 1024 of ram your computer slows down. I seem to remember seeing a chart somewhere that showed showed this.

  GOOLY 11:33 09 Jan 05

Mines just the standard k8n but it can handle 3 gig.

Just checked.

Thanks for help

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