Help me buy Kaspersky in US

  WhitemouseAV 20:50 PM 27 May 11

For a longtime I used Kaspaersky IS, now my promotion key is using good. But some my friends always ask me how to buy it in US country where it sale with cheap prices, now by 40% off. But when they order it always: Payment Authorization failed.

I want you tell me how to buy it without being answered: "Payment Authorization Failed" when fill out all info and submit to finish payment.

Thank for your help!

  spuds 22:16 PM 27 May 11

It would depend where you live. There are certain software that cannot be sold in other countries, and that might be the reason for payment details refusal.

Have you thought about sending an email to the company that you wish to buy from, and asking them the reason why?.

  WhitemouseAV 17:59 PM 30 May 11

Thank for your help and guide me! I will mail for them to ask about it.

  birdface 18:12 PM 30 May 11

You can get it fairly cheap using Amazon.

or fairly cheap here.

link text


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