help lost data,app to recover

  iqs 26 Sep 11


A friend has just contacted me because when has formatted her HDD and lost all data. Are there any free or paid for app which will try and retrieve her data?

Please any help is appreciated,she has lost photos which can not be replaced.

Thank you in advance

  Nontek 26 Sep 11

This direct download gives about the best chance of recovering Photos, even off a formatted drive. I have used it often, though not on a formatted drive.

  iqs 26 Sep 11

Thanks,I have downloaded the file,just waiting for her to deliver the PC,many thanks for the help

  Nontek 26 Sep 11

I assume you will be connecting her hard-drive to your PC for this operation. Be aware that if this is going to work (and I fully expect it to), the program will also 'recover' ALL or most of the images that were on the hard-drive, this includes all the little icons that one sees on the screen in all programs, so there may be thousands - easy to delete those that are not required though.

Before clicking on Start, you should create a New Folder on your Desktop and then navigate to that folder within the program, as the Destination for the recovered images.

You can Cancel the process at any time, all images recovered up to that point will still be in your created folder - you can even Open that folder while the process is running, and watch the images appearing.

Good luck.

  iqs 26 Sep 11

Thanks for the advice Nontek


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