help with laptop please

  david.h 19:27 08 Apr 03

I have been given a laptop an amstrad nc200 which is dead, I intend to charge up the battery and if i get it going reformat the hard drive.
does anyone have one of these I hope to load windows 98 but not sure if it is too old for windows 98 anyone offer any advice please.

  Gaz 25 19:32 08 Apr 03

You may be better with linux,

do you know the spec, if it is not big then it is likely that it will not run 98.

  david.h 19:39 08 Apr 03

no i have no info on the spec or what programmes may be on it or lead at present hence as soon as i got a lead i was going to reformat and try and load w98

  fitshase 20:11 08 Apr 03

I really don't think that you will be able to put any version of Windows on that machine judging by the sites below:-

click here

click here

click here

hope this helps



  Big Elf 20:15 08 Apr 03

It doesn't have hard drive (as standard) and the OS is in ROM.

  david.h 21:06 08 Apr 03

thank you for the web sites you gave me. it was an eye opener, this laptop looks like it should be in a museum according to the web pages


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