help keyboard not working

  chrissy1 16:15 20 Nov 10

samsung laptop. somehow ive managed to lock keyboard.wont let me type anything. using on screen ease of access do i get keyboard working again?

  birdface 16:25 20 Nov 10

Can you plug another keyboard or mouse into one of the back connections and get it to work that way.
Maybe see if it works in safemode and try last good configuration or system restore.

  Nontek 16:41 20 Nov 10

Samsung - but what model number?

  Nontek 16:44 20 Nov 10

Or try Fn + F11 to lock/unlock keyboard ..... Clicking on the 'scroll lock' in the on-screen Keyboard might do the same.

  birdface 17:05 20 Nov 10

Maybe plug a usb mouse in and go to system restore and see if that works.
Of course if your mouse is still working use that.

  chrissy1 20:54 21 Nov 10

tried another keyboard same prob.did restore but no joy.cant do safe mode as arrow keys not working for me to select.can only get on to this onscreen board when i get to login screen and even then doesnt always work.

  birdface 08:39 22 Nov 10

Hi If you tried another keyboard and it did not work you may have problems with your laptop.
Is it still under warranty and if you could give the model number for Nontek it may help him find a solution.
Weekend is over so there may be a few others on here that can give you some other information as how to repair it.

  Nontek 09:00 22 Nov 10

Model number might help!! usually shown underneath laptop, if not visible on top.

  Terry Brown 09:40 22 Nov 10

I had a quick google and it seems to be a common problem, where the keyboard is locked by software (To prevent accidental typing while on the move).

There are plenty of people willing to unlock it -For a price, but I cannot see any obvious answers.

If the have the original installation CD, you could try going to RUN, tping in sfc /scsnnow (note space between sfc and /), and this should restore the settings from the CD.

You could also try RESTORE, to go back before it was locked


  Terry Brown 09:41 22 Nov 10

spelling error

scsnnow should be scannow

  chrissy1 12:06 22 Nov 10

its a samsung NP-R510 on vista

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