help with kaspersky

  cyboard 21:05 PM 21 Jul 11

Hi im using kaspersky and have been for a few years and very happy with it but as from yesterday it keeps telling me.

"generic host process for win32 services from trusted group,run by a restricted application is trying to get access to protectable password"

also internet explorer wants access to passwords.

Also if i leave my pc for about 30 mins when i return the desktop has froze but there are no icons on the screen.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance


  northumbria61 21:29 PM 21 Jul 11

Take as look here for "starters" link text

  pk46 21:30 PM 21 Jul 11

Do a full system scan ASAP

  northumbria61 21:34 PM 21 Jul 11

Following on from that take a look here - it is for XP but should work with Vista. Create a restore point and/or back up your registry before making any text

  pk46 21:38 PM 21 Jul 11

Futher to my last post type your problem into Google it deals with this problem.


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