Help, I've lost my MyComputer Icon

  zaach 17:10 29 Jan 03

Without any warning, such as a crash, the MyComputer Icon has vanished from my desk top. Whilst temporarily solving the problem by use of a shortcut I am at a loss as to how to get it back. Guidance from somebody please, machine is running Win 98SE.

  zaach 21:07 29 Jan 03


  bof:) 21:56 29 Jan 03

Hi Zaach,

have a go at downloading tweakUI and running the option to 'refresh' the icons. (not sure if this will run on all operating systems)

also put 'lost icons' into the search facility on this site.


  Dr Lecter 01:42 30 Jan 03

SNAP. This happened to me ages ago.I did use TWEAKUI but when i got the icon back again and Double-clicked on My Computer i kept on getting "Network Neighbourhood" up.So i ended up creating a short cut for "Explorer" on the desktop. But alas i have done a re-install of the OS and now everything is back to normal.The above problem is actually in the Microsoft Knowledge base.

  Dr Lecter 01:45 30 Jan 03

Microsoft suggested going into the Registry " Poledit think"

  Tog 07:35 30 Jan 03

At the risk of insulting your intelligence, have you tried using "line up icons" to make sure you haven't plonked something on top of it?

  zaach 08:20 30 Jan 03

Will go away and try out some of the suggestions, come back later. Have already got Tweak.ui but hadn't thought of using it.

  zaach 09:00 30 Jan 03

It worked and it's something I will remember for the future, I probably don't make enough use of it anyway.
Tog. Never fear insulting my intelligence as far as computers are concerned, in the normal state of panic when something different and new goes wrong straight thinking goes out the window (no pun intended).

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