help with internet connected pcs

  heezy45 12:02 21 Feb 08

H i guys,
I run an internet cafe and i want my pcs to run faster and smoothly.all the pcs are new, however some of them are acting a bit slow and i want to know what i can do to make them run fast apart from virus scans since i have been doing that.
And also when i type '%temp% in the run command.the files that come up,can i delete all of them?
Thanks very much in advance for your answers.

  Clapton is God 16:34 21 Feb 08

Use this to clean up the PCs click here

  Pineman100 17:43 21 Feb 08

Do you have just one broadband connection, shared between your computers? If so, what's the nominal speed of your broadband connection? How many people on average are sharing the connection at any one time?

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