Help with internal card reader please!!!!

  orangewhiteblue 15:59 22 Sep 08


Can any one help me sort out this set of connectors.

Someone has posted a simular question here (with good photos) but it hasn't been resolved.

click here

I don't have firewire on my motherboard so I can't connect that part.

Mainly it is just sorting the USB bit out!

My motherboard is a ABIT AN78GS.



  ambra4 17:08 22 Sep 08

All of this information is in the manual that came with the motherboard “Under USB Header

Connection” one must always read the manual before starting a project even if you think you know

USB Header connector is connected as followers: -

There are two USB connectors on the motherboard each having 9 pins plus a blank space the blank

space is Pin 9 Pin 10 is the spare pin

You can connect two USB port cable to each 9-pin connector

First USB Port Cable from the Front Panel

Red: - + 5 / VCC1 - Pin 1

White: - - D / USB1- – Pin 3

Green: - +D / USB2+ - Pin 5

Black; - GRD / GND1 - Pin 7

Second USB Port Cable from the Front Panel

Red: - + 5 / VCC1 - Pin 2

White: - - D / USB1- – Pin 4

Green: - +D / USB2+ - Pin 6

Black; - GRD / GND1 - Pin 8

Spare Pin – Not used – Pin 9

  ambra4 17:11 22 Sep 08

Sorry that should read “Spare Pin – Not used – Pin 10”

  chub_tor 17:15 22 Sep 08

I can't find a download for your motherboard on the Abit website but the spec says that you have four internal USB2 connectors and these will be the ones that the Media card and the front USB connect to. USB headers are laid out in a 10 pin array with usually pin 9 missing.

Pin 1 Front Panel USB Power
Pin 2 Front Panel ESB Power
Pin 3 USB Port 0 Negative signal
Pin 4 USB Port 1 Negative Signal
Pin 5 USB Port 0 Positive Signal
Pin 6 USB Port 1 Positive Signal
Pin 7 Ground
Pin 8 Ground
Pin 9 No pin
Pin 10 Not connected

With that information and from the pictures you linked to you should be able to connect up the Card reader to one side of a USB header and the front USB to the other.

It doesn't look as if your board has a Firewire header on it nor could I find a reference to a front panel audio header (although that is unusual nowadays.

  chub_tor 17:16 22 Sep 08

I must learn to type faster - well done!

  orangewhiteblue 19:58 22 Sep 08

Many thanks to you both (ambra4 and chub_tor)!

I did check the manual but couldn't work out where the creader connector would go.

Thanks again for your help.


  ambra4 20:06 22 Sep 08

Glad to be of help

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