Help installing windows xp

  07allenm 09:52 29 Apr 06

Hi ive recently upgraded all the parts in my PC and with the old ones i have put together another computer for a friend but. I tried to install windows Xp on it from a CD and it went through the setup process of formatting the HD and copying the files but when the computer restarted after this was completed nothing happened, it just kept asking me to boot from CD press any key, so i have tried restarting the pc without the CD in my DVD drive but all i am fqaced with is a black screen that has a flashing cursor and nothing happens. When i put the CD back in the drive it says boot from CD press any key but when i press a key it flashes for a split second 'setup is inspecting your current hardware configuration' but then does nothing. Please Help

  Strawballs 10:11 29 Apr 06

Check that the hard drive is set to master

  rawprawn 10:13 29 Apr 06

Go into BIOS and make sure it is set to boot from HD 1st, also is the HD recognised?

  07allenm 14:47 29 Apr 06

Thanks but I am still faced with a black screen with a flashing cursor and nothing else

  rawprawn 16:07 29 Apr 06

At the flashing cursor you are getting try typing C: formatc: and hit enter.

  rawprawn 16:12 29 Apr 06

sorry there should be a space between format and c: If it will format you could try reloading, Was the HD recognised in BIOS? if not try taking the jumpers out altogether.

  ACOLYTE 16:16 29 Apr 06

You havent left a floppy in the drive have you?
If not you have nothing to lose as this is a new install by deleting the HD/partition and starting again.

  07allenm 16:42 29 Apr 06

My HD has been recognised in BIOS, I cant type anything when i am faced with the blank screen with the cursor, and i havent left a floppy in the drive.
I cannot reload the windows xp setup to delete the partition.

P.S. what are jumpers

  rawprawn 16:53 29 Apr 06

P.S. what are jumpers

Tiny connectors on the end of the HD. Have alook and see if they are set to Slave or Master or Cable Select there is usually a note on the HD showing you.

  rawprawn 17:00 29 Apr 06

click here scroll down you will see setting the jumpers. Sorry I have to go out now.

  07allenm 19:06 29 Apr 06

The jumpers have never been touched, would the Hard Drive been already formatted have anything to do with the PCs bahaviour.The computer is jus dead and its it jus rly frustrating.

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