Help installing a gigabit network

  jamessmith 02:35 12 May 14


I am trying to put a gigabit network into my home between 2 rooms (one above the other). I want to have 2 Ethernet wallplates and bury the cable in the wall.

My motherboard has an RJ45 which says it supports 10/100/1000 so this is what I plan to do:

  • Buy 15 feet of CAT6 cable, and put it in the wall. -Install 2 wallplates with female-to-female CAT6 RJ45 sockets.
  • Plug the hidden cable into each of these sockets, and screw the wallplates onto the walls.
  • Plug my reuter into one wallplate, and my PC into the other.

Will all this work correctly? Or will this fail?

thanks, James

  alanrwood 10:01 12 May 14

It should work fine provided you don't damage the cable during installation. One tip is to put a conduit into the wall and feed the cable through it rather than just burying the cable itself. You would then have the option of replacing the cable if you had a problem.

  wiz-king 16:56 13 May 14

Easier to use homeplugs.

  alanrwood 19:12 13 May 14

Beta. Who is your comment addressed to.

wiz-king. Yes you could but they would be more expensive, less reliable and if the OP has a Gigabit network it would be much slower.

  alanrwood 08:52 14 May 14

The OP never mentioned anything about improving performance of his ISP, simply whether his suggestion for installing a Gigabit network would work.

  alanrwood 20:23 14 May 14

That is true, I assumed, maybe wrongly, that he had a Gb router or was using a Gb Switch to connect his computers together. If not then no point in proposing what the OP actually did propose. So maybe the OP could confirm onn this point then we know exactly what we are dealing with and can give 100% appropriate advice.

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