Help, I'm very frustrated!

  Eveready Bunny 00:23 30 May 03

Hi, I have recently bought a new fan for my processor (1.4ghz athlon), but I can't install it because I can't get the old heatsink off. I don't really know the specifications, but there is a straight bar across the heatsink in the middle which is clamped in by two plastic parts on the processor setting. I have already cut myself, and I have no idea how to do it, is there a magic button to press or something along those lines, please help.


  woodchip 00:34 30 May 03

The two plastic bit you are on about are little plastic hooks you have to press down on one of the metal ends to disengage it you should take a close look at it there is one end easier to get of than the other if you break the hook you have had it

  Quiller. 00:35 30 May 03

I don't know if these will be of any use. They do show you how to remove and install a AMD cpu, heatsink and fan. look on the bottom right for video's.

click here

  Eveready Bunny 00:37 30 May 03

I tried to push down on one fo the ends but all it did was move down there was no way that I could move it off, as i didn't want to break it, are they usually very tough?

  Eveready Bunny 00:39 30 May 03

Thanks bsod, i think i undestand now, thanks ever so much!

  Quiller. 00:42 30 May 03

Yes they can be very tough. You have to press down and then lever it out. Quite fiddly till you get the hang of them. lol

Watch the video, it will explain all. Undock it and then expand it for a close up.

  Stuartli 09:23 30 May 03

Interesting thread title and handle...:-)

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