Help I'm Locked Out :(

  Embezzler 15:33 17 Apr 03

What have i done!!!

I was experimenting with Red Hat 8.0 Linux and i managed to delete the Username i log on with, now everytime i type my Username and Password it will not let me in! I know that is not surprising but is there anything i can do to get in? I didn't set any other Usernames or passwords.

  j-anarchy 15:46 17 Apr 03

first of all anymore make a seperate system for youp self because when your on root you can mess iot all up

second of all take redhat off your system off your system and reinstall it

  Embezzler 15:50 17 Apr 03

great, is it easy to uninstall? I'm gonna have a go but this is the first time i've used Red Hat and i only installed it 2/3 days ago. :s

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