HELP!!! I need some advice

  Bodice 10:38 05 Jan 04

I asked for some help before about my friends printer...i have been through preferences and checked all the default, but the printer still does not run the colour and the black is grey, she has told me that it was sitting on the cupboard for about a year.
Is this why the black is grey and the colour does not function??
how long does ink last??

  Jester2K 10:41 05 Jan 04

"sitting on the cupboard for about a year" and "colour does not function"

Colour ink jets are probably dried up and bocked.

Grey ink? Does black ink "settle"?

Give us the printer make and model and tell if they are using genuine or copy (compatible) cartridges and the cartridges number. We can then advise if to clean or replace the cartridges...

  xania 10:42 05 Jan 04

It could be that, after this length of time, the ink nozzles have become blocked. Depending upon the make and model of the printer, there could be a method of clearing the nozzles and getting the printer back to normal. Check the manufacturer's web site or come back with fuller details.

  Bodice 11:57 05 Jan 04

Firstly I have performed a nozzle clean.
The printer model is a Lexmark Z23 and the cartridges are genuine (P/N 10N0026 or 27

  Jester2K 12:07 05 Jan 04

"Firstly I have performed a nozzle clean"

It might take several to remove a the blocked ink.

If i remember rightly the ink heads are on the cartages. Remove the cartages and look for a copper grid on the cartridge. When install it should point down at the paper.

Now get some Isopropanol (chemists) and clean the copper grid gently with a cotton bud dipped in Isopropanol. Leave to dry for 2 minutes. Insert the cartridges again and do a test print (or 5)

Or try new cartridges.

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