help i have done a system restore and its gone wrong

  ballyboy 29 Aug 11

i have a hp pavillion pc which is running windows xp i lost my driver for the sound system i tried to find it but could not so on start up of the pc i pressed f10 for a system recovery.this is where it has all gone pete tong i presume i pressed the wrong key and the system has reset itself using the original setup that came with the pc i tried to restore to a earlier time but i cannot do this i have lost photos and videos as well as files i had down loaded.please can anyone help me to recover my system that i cocked up.any help would be brilliant or can anyone suggest somewhere i can take it to many thanks in advance allastaire

  rdave13 29 Aug 11

You should be able to recover documents but I advise you to disconnect from the net as updates will override file headings possibly. Try Recuva

but you'll need a flash drive or a portable hard drive, for the recovered files to be sent to.

  ballyboy 02 Sep 11

hi thanks for the info but it has not worked there are no picture or video files i also seem to have lost a lot of disc memory it says i should have 145 gb but now i only have 45gb i will have to take it to someone to fix many thanks al

  finerty 02 Sep 11

sorry mate but u need the xp disc and the driver discs, sometimes if you visit the manufacturer website you might be lucky to download drivers from the site

  VOT Productions 02 Sep 11

I think you have done a back to manufacturer state restore. Try Recuva. Also, you may have to put it on a deep scan.

  sheraz.civnom 02 Sep 11

You can use any third party recovery software to recover your data. Data is still on your hard drive but you have done Factory default settings instead of using Windows System restore option.


  stlucia2 03 Sep 11

F10 System Recovery is not the same thing as Restore, as you've found out.

As for your disk size, presumably you're talking about your C:\ drive? Is there another drive on your machine which uses up the "missing" 100Gb? My HP originally came with C:\ and D:\ partitions on the HDD, with D:\ being where HP put the system recovery software.

  BRYNIT 03 Sep 11

This is a long shot.

If you are saying that the recovery has used an extra 100GB the restore programs may have create a folder where all of you old files are stores. Open explorer and look at your C drive for an unusually large folder it may be called Windows old.


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