Danavilla 12 Apr 13

My old HP laptop crashed so I bought a new Dell from Costco. BAD MISTAKE. the Dell has a few minor glitches such as curser jumping around while typing but the REAL ISSUE is that it came with Windows 8. Now several programs I used regularly won't work on the Dell, some of which are out of business so no updates are available. Others would require purchase of newer software. On top of that, after 3 months of trying to get used to Win 8, I HATE IT. Is there any way to get rid of it and run an older Windows version. I even liked Vista much better. I'm about to relegate this machine to the role of doorstop or paving stone.

  spuds 12 Apr 13

If you don't like Windows 8, then there's nothing to stop you replacing it with something that you do like, but it might mean that you would have to purchase that program, unless you wanted to try Linux?.

  sharpamat 12 Apr 13

If you hate win 8 so much As already advised you can purchase another version however this may not come with all the drivers which you will be able to download from Dell, I would suggest you have a chat with Dell before changing anything.

Classic Shell may help,

It did not for me and I went back fully to Windows 7. There is a new version of win 8 out soon have a search for Windows Blue. However it will not have the old start menu that's gone for good say Microsoft

Its little wonder that sales of computers are down from the change over to Windows 8

  onthelimit1 12 Apr 13

If your old progs will run on Windows 7, you could buy an official version and install it. Additional drivers would be available from the Dell support site.

  Danavilla 12 Apr 13

Thanks for all the responses and advice. I was beginning to think my age and calcified thinking were to blame but see I'm not alone with my frustration. I'll check out Classic Shell to see if it helps me muddle along until a better solution can be found.

  onthelimit1 12 Apr 13

Classic shell is fine to make W8 look like previous version, but won't overcome the problem with lack of compatibility of old progs.

  onthelimit1 12 Apr 13

For the jumping cursor, it's usually caused by palm brushing against the touchpad. I've used Touchfreeze in the past. from here

  Woolwell 12 Apr 13

For your older programs have you tried W8 Compatibility settings MS older programs


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