help i cant install my game

  aimeeloo 14:57 16 Apr 08

hi can ny1 help i cant install leisure suit larry 6 onto my sony vaio windows xp laptop does any one know what to do?

  Gordon999 15:06 16 Apr 08

Does the PC spec match what the games requires to begin with.

Are you getting any error messages

  aimeeloo 15:10 16 Apr 08

not sure bought of the ebay seller said he used it on xp no messages just not good with computer think im not doing it right

  Gordon999 15:16 16 Apr 08

It's difficult to say without getting any messages.

There could be a number of reasons.

The grahphics are not supported
The PC cannot handle the game.

Does it start to load?
Does it crash during install?

  aimeeloo 15:24 16 Apr 08

no i have all the boxes installed in my computer off the disc but dont no where to go from here

  brundle 15:33 16 Apr 08

Probably requires DOSBox; click here

  mrwoowoo 15:34 16 Apr 08

Without knowing your level of compidence,it's difficult to know whats happening.
Have you played and installed games before?
If you have put the disc in and have let it install,then....
There should be a shortcut placed on your desktop that you double click on to play the game whilst the disc is in your drive.
Or just put the disc in and it should present you with a screen of options to allow you to play it.

  aimeeloo 15:43 16 Apr 08

i have downloaded dosbox so where do i go from here when i insert the disc it does not do any thing

  mrwoowoo 15:52 16 Apr 08

First try this..(with the disc in the pc)
click start> my computer and you will see your disc drive with the game disc icon showing.
right click and choose explore.
You should see an exe. file to double click or an icon with a picture on which will start the game.
It won,t matter if you double click the wrong one as it will do no harm.Just cancel and click another.

  mrwoowoo 15:54 16 Apr 08

Never knew about that emulator,have noted for future reference.
Great idea...cheers.

  brundle 15:57 16 Apr 08

I was jumping the gun actually, it will help you play old DOS games, but your problem is installation. Follow mrwoowoo's post and it ought to work ok. Failing that create a new folder on your laptop, copy the entire CD contents into it, install from there.

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