Help. Hundreds of spam emails

  Dobba 16:24 22 Dec 11

Running Windows 7 on a Mesh computer, I get my normal share of spam but yesterday I got over 300 emails to my in box which all seemed to be warnings that emails have not been able to be delivered. None of the 300 odd emails had started life on my computer. Today, another 3oo odd emails, but this time they were mostly offering me child porn, which I had NOT requested! I am getting duplicate emails on my smartphone, which takes ages to get rid although I suspect there may be a way of block deleting that I haven't stumbled on (Android). Can anyone tell me what is going on and why I am being targeted in this way. Oh, and how to stop them! I use Kaspersky anti-virus which doesn't seem to be interested. Thanks

  iscanut2 16:37 22 Dec 11

It may well be that a friend or colleague with you in his/her address book has had a virus attack so you may wish to pursue that line of enquiry as the attacked pc will need to be "cleaned up "

  john bunyan 16:44 22 Dec 11

May be worth a call to your ISP to see if they offer a SPAM filter. I am with Pipex / Talk Talk who seem to have largely solved it - also if spam starts I can open e Mail on my ISP webmail and delete / block it before it is delivered to my PC.


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