Help.. How do you copy a 2MB ZIP file on floppies

  bengali 05:29 08 Mar 03

I want to copy a 2 MB Zip file over 2 (1.4MB) floppies. I think there is a way to do it but cannot remember how is it. Can anyone help ??

  -pops- 06:33 08 Mar 03

This should be in Helproom


  VoG™ 09:29 08 Mar 03

WinZip click here allows you to create zips that span several floppies.

  Patr100 09:30 08 Mar 03

Use a file splitting program - look in downloads section on this site.

  huzzar 11:18 08 Mar 03

I have a small excellent little program (307kb)named "Chainsaw" which will chop any size file up into floppy size. If you need a copy send me an email.

  howard60 11:25 08 Mar 03

very good at it and small.

  Belatucadrus 11:34 08 Mar 03

Without knowing what Zip program you're using it's difficult to be precise, but in ZipCentral I'd open the file and then go to "Tools, Write Disk span". This would then write the file to the relevant number of floppies.

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