Help? Help? Help?

  happyhotspur 12:17 27 Jan 11

I do not know what has happened to my laptop, all of a sudden I keep getting a flash of blue screen with writing on it but it flashes to quick for me to read, then the laptop powers down and back on again. This only started happening on Monday.

I have done virus checks, diagnostics start ups etc, I have even tested every component on the machine via a diagnostic program and found no faults.

I don't really want to reload Windows 7 if I can avoid it but cannot understand why this is happening.

Could the Windows Registry have become corrupt.

Sometimes the machine is rebooting even before its fully loaded and before the windows screen appears. Other times it happens when I try to log on to my home page, and twice this morning in the middle of me attempting a full backup of my system, it just re booted.

Anybody got any ideas, or do I need to contact Dell?

I have a Dell Studio 1558 running Windows 7

  gengiscant 13:18 27 Jan 11

First of all you will need to stop automatic restarts after a blue screen so you can note down the error message and code.
Follow the instructions here: click here

Then post here the error code and error title.

  happyhotspur 13:29 27 Jan 11

Thanks for that have now disabled the auto restart and will post error message later. I have run Malwarebyte and it found 0 errors so don't know if they had anything to do with it, but certainly when I was searching on google search whenever I clicked on a link it went to a completely different web page very strange, so hopefully this has now stopped.

I am running Avira antivir personal and thought this would be okay, but now not so sure.

  gengiscant 13:39 27 Jan 11

Simple thing to check that the fans are not clogged with dust, it sounds more of a hardware problem I feel rather than some malware.

  onthelimit 15:40 27 Jan 11

I had this and after lots of advice on here, it needed a TDSSKiller . Other malware/antivirus progs had no effect, but this click here did the trick

  gengiscant 15:48 27 Jan 11

Glad its sorted.

  onthelimit 17:04 27 Jan 11

Is it?

  gengiscant 17:18 27 Jan 11

I thought you said it was?

  happyhotspur 18:13 27 Jan 11

Just spent several hours with Dell Tech who after doing all the checks I had already done have informed me its a software error and it will cost me money to sort it out with their software team.

I'm gonna wipe my hard drive and reinstall windows 7 myself then reload all my programs one at a time.

Seems a better option

  gengiscant 18:31 27 Jan 11

This might help to make life a little easier,it install the more popular programs in a here

  onthelimit 18:36 27 Jan 11

That's a useful link, Ta!

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