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help help, boot problems linux and windows!

  Auriel 17:46 26 Nov 05

help my computer doesn't work at all any more!

I was formatting my computer, in order to try a copy of Windows Media Center, but during install, i was missing a disk. I decided to use a different version of windows XP, but then I noticed that my Windows XP disk was missing(!). I decided to give linux a go temporarilly, until i could get hold of a new copy of XP.
I do all this, but i'm too n00b to set up the wireless network, so I left it for the night.
The next day, i found a copy of windows XP professional downstairs! I went to install it, deleting the SuSe Linux partitions, and it did its copying of the install files. However, on the reboot to install, the screen went black, with just a flashing "_" in the top corner.
So, I reinstall SuSe to have another go at networking, to no avail. Back to windows Xp, still the same problem.
So i try installing Suse and Xp to different drives, each time over writing, etc, etc, but no, no advances on the original problem of the "_".
I then remembered having a similar problem previously, and that it might be the boot loader. So, I go on the GNU Grub website, and it tells me to do FDISK/MBR. I go into the recovery console, but that doesn't work, so I format all my disks and use FIXMBR (It seemed the best option on the HELP command), but now I can't acess the windows XP disk, on the screen it says "Searching system components" or something along those lines, then goes blank.

Please help me, i have been trying to get windows up and running for over 13 hours!

Thank you :-)

  Diodorus Siculus 18:11 26 Nov 05

Can you boot with the XP CD?

  Auriel 18:21 26 Nov 05

the XP CD gives me the text "detecting system configuration", then a blank screen

  Chegs ®™ 18:25 26 Nov 05

DS:It would appear to be so,as they've said the initial install started,it was after these files were copied that the PC reboots and then doesn't seem to detect the XP CD.

I had a problem with reinstall of XP after Suse 9 install/removal,as there was a tiny residue of the "Grub" bootloader left.I had to format the drive from DOS to clear it.

  LastChip 18:26 26 Nov 05

Have you set your BIOS to boot from the CD drive as "First boot device"?

  Auriel 19:58 26 Nov 05


  Diodorus Siculus 19:59 26 Nov 05

Do you have access to another hard disk - evena small one of a few GB onto which you can install XP?

If so, you can then use disk management to sort out the current one.

  Auriel 20:49 26 Nov 05

I have two disks, 120 gig and 28 gig, so i make the little one the master and the big one the slave? then i install XP on the little one then i fidddle around in XP?

I will have it ago, I will post back in about an hour.



  Auriel 21:44 26 Nov 05

Alas! There was no solution to my problem, I got a flashing underscore, followed by some internal whirring, then a blank screen...

  reclaimjack 21:51 26 Nov 05

recently on an ibm think pad i could not boot no matter what i did.... xp home an pro no good format creat/delete partison everthing. even tried to repair.. i finally shoved a 98 boot disk in,,, it found errors on the drive that xp did not find' i let it fix them an install then rebooted my xp-pron and it worked hope you have a 98 disk to try this
ps does any one know why this worked ?????

  reclaimjack 21:57 26 Nov 05

try a 98 boot disk... i bet your install of xp stops in the same place no matter what xp disk you put in .. mine used to i could not understand it.. 98 boot fix,s it.. i think its some error in the report size of the drive that causes it but i aint sure try 98 then xp

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