Help With Graphics card please

  Jason Hobson 14:31 19 Feb 03

Hi, for many years i had an ATI rage128, 16mb gfx card, and i started to lack behind in the games i wanted to play.

So today i baught a geforce 4MX 440 64mb, and i thought this would help my frames per second. But when i installed it and checked, my frames per second are now lower than wat they used to be with my old gfx card. So im guessing its not working properly, any ideas?


  Lozzy 14:38 19 Feb 03

have you updated the driver??

  Jason Hobson 14:42 19 Feb 03

yeh, i just downloaded the latest driver and installed from cd before that

  stlucia 14:54 19 Feb 03

How about screen resolution? It should be the same as before if you want to compare speeds.

  Lozzy 14:57 19 Feb 03

Also try downloading the latest driver from the mfg's web site as the driver on the CD may be old..

  Jason Hobson 15:23 19 Feb 03

ok i got the latest drivers, and the exact same screen settings, but still no difference to fps

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