Help with geeky terminology please

  Kate B 12:26 27 Dec 06

Quick question - I'm trying to import my old Gallery data into Gallery 2. The documentation is pretty good but it's a bit geekier than I can manage in places. If it says the example path to import data from is /var/www/albums, what does the /var/ stand for? All the data is on my ftp server.

thanks, all

  Forum Editor 18:45 27 Dec 06

and Apache web servers, Kate.

Your default directory location will be /var/www/html/ so look for a directory called 'albums'

The path to that will be /var/www/albums, and the data you need should be inside the /albums folder.

  Kate B 20:29 27 Dec 06

*still a bit baffled*

Thanks, fourm member and Peter - I've decided to recreate all my albums. Gives me a good reason to chuck old stuff away.

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