Help fitting new SATA DVD drive

  Maiden. 22:30 13 Aug 07

I've just bought a new Samsung SATA DVD drive to replace my current (very noisy) unit. The new drive did not come with any fitting instructions, installation discs etc, and I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to fitting hardware in PC's.

Can anyone help me with an easy set of instructions to remove the old unit andr eplace it with the new one please.

Many thanks

  brundle 22:36 13 Aug 07

This fits the bill; click here

There are no master/slave settings with a SATA drive, just plug in power and data cables. If you're replacing an IDE drive you may need to go into your PC's BIOS and update its list of installed drives.

  Maiden. 13:47 14 Aug 07

Thanks for that - so, it seems I simply unplug the old drive, plug in the new one, screw it in to the case and power up ?

Is it that simple or am I missing something - think even I can manage to do that !

  paul€ 13:57 14 Aug 07

Is your old drive a SATA drive, if it's not then you need different cables. Is the old one an IDE cd or dvd drive?

In fact are you sure you computer has any SATA connections on the motherboard. Lots of computers do not have them.

  Maiden. 22:42 14 Aug 07

Yes, I'm sure I have a SATA DVD drive in the PC at the moment.

So, a straight 'plug and play' type swap for these ?


  Maiden. 13:20 15 Aug 07

Checked and definately have SATA DVD installed already. No need for me to 'install' anything by disks, just swap the units and get going I assume ?

  brundle 15:16 15 Aug 07

Yes, easy as that.

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