Help finding printer drivers please..thankyou

  bof:) 12:24 18 Jul 03

Hi All,

I'm trying to find the drivers for a

Mitsubishi Apricot LS550 printer Model number LA85780-1.

I've tried the website and could not find any printer drivers listed. I've also tried without any success.

This is an old printer purchased with a £25.00 pc so I'm not all that hopeful.

If anyone could point me in the direction of a driver for this printer I'd be very grateful.

Thanks again,


  Jester2K II 12:41 18 Jul 03

Which OS??

  Chegs ® 12:43 18 Jul 03
  Megatyte 12:51 18 Jul 03

Mitsubishi Apricot support is now available at

click here


  bof:) 17:06 18 Jul 03

Hi All,

Jester2K II , its for windows 98se I think. The PC itself was a £25 special offer from a company called Carrea (sold via local ads in free papers).

Chegs....thanks for the website but I've searched it and was unable to find any driver downloads option...did you manage to find it? If so where, please.

Megabyte, the driver on this site I think is one for a Bios (I could be wrong here) and its a printer driver I'm after. Are they the same think (I dont think they are? or is the printer worked via the bios???)

Thanks for all of your help, I've looked at the websites you provided but am unsure that they are for the printer drivers. Please correct me if I'm wrong and point out where and why I've tripped up.

many thanks, please reply,


  the fool on the hill 17:50 18 Jul 03
  Megatyte 18:35 18 Jul 03

Are there any other numbers on the printer?


  bof:) 20:29 18 Jul 03

Hi All,

it seems I've been given the wrong details about the printer. The owner read me the 'numbers off the PC box' (his words) rather than the printer itself.

The printer is a Panasonic. Model KX-P1081
Serial Number 0AUAKD35376

Sorry for the confusion, but when I asked for everything written on the printer he must have thought I ,eant everyting off the PC itself.

Thanks for all of your help, if you find a site with the driver for the panasonic could you please let me know.

Many thanks for all of your time and help,


  VoG II 20:34 18 Jul 03

Is this really a dot matrix printer click here ?

  mikef. 20:38 18 Jul 03

Seems as if your out of luck using Google click here there are several references to the printer but all the drivers are for Windows 3.1 and 3.11

  hugh-265156 20:41 18 Jul 03

only up to windows 95 from click here

maybe a new printer is called for.

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