Help! File deleted by accident!

  Ronyap 21:47 05 Nov 07

I used the restore tool, but my file is not listed! Which is a bit strange because I just dleeted a Moment ago. Basically, I pressed Ctrl Z, and pressed Enter by accident, meanig it deleted the MSWord file! So it wasnt directly deleted. So it wont show up on the restore tool! Is there a way to restore MS Word files! Please help!

  VoG II 21:51 05 Nov 07

Run click here off a different drive. NOW before it is overwritten.

  Ronyap 22:04 05 Nov 07

What do you mean OFF a different drive? Cant I run it on the same drive. I dont know! Help ><

  Ronyap 22:07 05 Nov 07

It gives me the ~WXXX.tmp files. But thats not the .doc file! Help Argh!

  Ronyap 23:15 05 Nov 07

Nvm, I just redid the whole thing even if it is LONG. I really cant put up with this crap. The list restores EVRYTHING except MY piece of work. How STUPID. I think this is my bad day today. Oh well. Now its resolved

  johnnyrocker 23:21 05 Nov 07

try recycle bin?


  NickyK 23:24 05 Nov 07

There are some file retrievers you can get off cover discs. Few of them work. I had a similar problem and I tried everything.

You are not stupid. You've had a bad day. Welcome to the club.

  wotbus@ 10:04 06 Nov 07

This save my bacon a while back, so good I bought it:
click here

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