Help with Excel

  widdy 13:30 20 Nov 07

I have just copied data from one spreadsheet and pasted (Special) to another but can not now work on individual cells in the new spreadsheet.
Unfortunately the original data is now deleted.
Any Ideas

  Scillonia 14:03 20 Nov 07

The first advice is to make copy what you have and work on one copy so you don't loose it completely.

  silverous 14:20 20 Nov 07

When you say Pasted Special, when you paste special you have to choose what kind of paste special.

If your two spreadsheets are in the same Excel session then when you do paste special you get to choose Paste Special Formats, Values etc. etc.

I suspect from what you are saying that you opened excel, did a copy, then opened a separate excel or perhaps closed the first, then did a paste special and you were presented with options such as Bitmap, Picture etc.

If you chose one of those then you now have a picture of your data, not the data itself and can't edit that as if it was cells.

If that is the case and you've deleted the original I'm not sure there's much you can do.

  Scillonia 15:19 20 Nov 07

I have attempted to replicate the problem and have come to same conclusion as silverous, sorry

  xania 15:45 20 Nov 07

Any chance the original is still in the recycle bin?

  widdy 16:40 20 Nov 07

Somehow i managed to sort it and saved what i had done as a CSV file, suddenly all was there and everything is all ok
Thanks for your help everyone

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