Help erased pen drive by mistake

  finerty 12:27 26 Mar 12

I erased my pen drive by mistake and i need the files from the pen drive. Its a 4gb pen drive and the computer os is windows xp home. Many thanks

  lotvic 12:37 26 Mar 12

What do you mean by "erased my pen drive" did you just delete the contents or have you formatted it? Tell us exactly what you did. (and don't try to use it until you have told us the full details as you may inadvertently overwrite files)

Someone will then be able to suggest the best program to recover contents. I assume they are a mixture of files, pics and documents etc?

  bremner 12:47 26 Mar 12

Recuva is good even if you have formstted the drive


  finerty 17:04 26 Mar 12

Sorry lotvic i was using acronis and erased the wrong drive and being the pen drive, i didnt make a back up. I try recuva.

  finerty 17:05 26 Mar 12

Acronis wiped the pen drive

  bremner 17:23 26 Mar 12


If you have used Acronis wipe facility [properly] your data has gone irretrievably.

  Nontek 18:08 26 Mar 12

If all else fails, try this direct download. Before running the program, create a New Folder on your Desktop and then Browse to the new folder from within the program as the destination for any recovered files/pics etc.

You can cancel the process at any time, anything recovered up to that point will still be in the new folder. You can even open the new folder during the process and see if anything is happening.

Worth a try ..... Good luck.

  lotvic 18:22 26 Mar 12

I would agree, if you used wipe then it's gone.

  rick4 18:54 04 Apr 12

You can recover files from USB drive using advanced third party recovery software. In fact, there are many software available. Try Remo Recover(Windows), which is an efficient recovery software that can restore files even after formatting your USB drive.


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