jojo7 20:10 22 Jan 13

Hi...yesterday my first ever printer arrived, the P50. All went well after initial setup and printed perfect pictures. Today I bought Staples Matte paper...with disasterous results! The first couple of photos were ok (quality nowhere near as good as with epson paper) but then photos started banding (iv discovered this terminology today!) Is this most likely due to inferior paper? Or could it be something to do with Print Head Aligning?? Which brings me to my next question... is it normal for the P50 to shake whilst printing?? Im aware I know nothing about printers but surely this cant be good for it??? Thanks in anticipation to a response :)

  northumbria61 20:15 22 Jan 13

Have a read here enter link description here

  northumbria61 20:38 22 Jan 13

If all else fails try contacting HP Support(UK) by Email via this LINK enter link description here

  SillBill 20:41 22 Jan 13

"Banding" is hardly likely to be caused by the type of paper.

  jojo7 20:47 22 Jan 13

Ok.. I think the shaking so violently was due to not being on the most stable of surfaces as it had moved a little... im guessing that will be the banding problem solved as I just moved it and no lines :) The details and colors are still not as they were with the epson paper though so I reckon iv answered my own question there!!! Thanks for responses... im sure i will have many more questions along the way!!

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