Help! Email account hacked?

  PC_HelpMe 10 Nov 11

Hello and sorry if this has been covered elsewhere but I am panicking! Some of my friends have contacted me today saying they have received emails from me which have clearly my been from me!

I have the latest firewall protection and my email password is always a "strong" one apparently.

How could this have happened and what exactly do I need to do to rectify this ASAP? How much of my security will have been compromised if people I email have received emails that are supposedly by me - what has been hacked exactly - just my email address? Please help.

  Confab 10 Nov 11

In all probability they haven’t originated from your PC at all. Someone else’s PC has been infected and it's sending out spam e-mails with your e-mail address as the senders address. Do the usual virus/malware/spyware scans and if they report that your PC is clean then there’s not a lot you can do about it I’m afraid.

  Woolwell 10 Nov 11

Most likely spoofing E-mail spoofing and not from your pc at all.

  PC_HelpMe 10 Nov 11

Thanks for responding everyone. Sorry my confusion - but if they are not actually from my pc then how are they being sent to my friends?

  Woolwell 10 Nov 11

The most likely explanation is that they only appear to be from you but are being sent by a spammer or someone phishing for details.

  Sea Urchin 10 Nov 11

Yes, your email address has been harvested (and your password) and mail sent to everyone in your Contacts list - but as said already not actually sent from your computer. You can confirm that my checking in your Sent mail folder.

The first thing you should do is to change your password, and then hope that things will quieten down. If the problem persists then really the only course of action is to change your email address as well. A nuisance, but not an insurmountable problem.

But also as advised run your anti malware programs just in case

  PC_HelpMe 10 Nov 11

Thanks will do this ASAP.

So Very worrying how access has been made despite latest software used.

  Woolwell 10 Nov 11

Access probably has not been made to your machine but details harvested from somewhere else.

  Confab 10 Nov 11

Stop worrying!

Your password wouldn’t have been “harvested” and your compute probably hasn’t been hacked. As I said before run your AV/Maleware/spyware software and if all is clean then don’t worry. Someone else’s computer is sending out e-mails pretending they are coming from you.

Unfortunately it happens a lot.

  PC_HelpMe 10 Nov 11

Thank you - I will try and stop panicking now. I just can't understand how my contacts were found out and that is what worried me.

  PC_HelpMe 10 Nov 11

I have just checked my "sent" box and the emails that i DIDN'T send ARE actually in there!!!!!!! Now should I be worried?x


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