Help editing Font

  steviegee 15:16 27 May 08

I have a particular font that I need to edit. Whilst it is in MS Word the letters are completely black but I need the font to just have the outline with the centre clear. A bit like a circle or a square I suppose!. Can this be done if so how? Thanks.

  pj123 15:24 27 May 08

I doubt whether you can edit any font these days.

There may be, of course, an already existing font that conforms to your criteria.

What font is it you are wanting to change?

  jack 15:31 27 May 08

Loads out there - must be one similar to the one of choice.

If you have an image editor such as Paint Shop Pro
Create a new New image. select the text option , select the type style
click OK
and the text appears as out line.
Use the push shove to size the panel
Select the fill icon- select the colour and fill individual characters or the panel back ground to choice.

  jack 15:38 27 May 08

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

Have fun.

  jack 15:39 27 May 08

Ctrl/print screen
then put up into an image editor and have a play

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