Help e-mailing on Miscrosoft Outlook

  esroh 21:21 16 Feb 03

My internet provider is AOL. I use the microsoft Outlook and want to e-mail but it is sending. Help!! It says it does not recognise POP3. What is this??? I cannot also send e-mails via MSN? I know I am doing something wrong but unsure what!!

  VoG™ 22:16 16 Feb 03

Do you mean Outlook or Outlook Express?

  esroh 23:06 16 Feb 03

Microsoft Outlook in Windows XP

  Falkyrn 23:17 16 Feb 03

You need to set up Outlook to collect your mail from the mail account (normally a pop3 account as in

To do this go to tools/accounts/mail and select add and then complete the details for the account you are trying to set up

  ajm 23:22 16 Feb 03

As AOL email is proprietory, you will not be able to send.receive emails from AOL from Outlook or Outlook Express or any other Email client software.

A client of mine had a similiar problem. The solution was to install a software called eNetBot Mail available from click here

The price is only £19.95.

Have a look at the above and it shall be useful for you.

best regards


  ajm 23:24 16 Feb 03

POP3 (Post Office Protocol Version 3) & SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) are two protocols used for email delivery.
POP3 protocol allows for email to remain on a server until the user is ready to recieve it ( Commaonly used by ISP's (Internet Service Providers) to allow users access to their email. The user downloads their email from the ISP's mail server when they are connected, but the user does not need to be connected in order for mail to be sent to them by other network users, the server hold incomming mail until the user connects and request their mail.
SMTP protocol handles email delivery over the network it handles routing, acceptance, and delivery between mail servers. This protocol allows the mail server on the above mentioned ISP setup to transfer email from their server to another ISP's mailserver where it is commonly held for delivery to the final destination the user who accesses the message through POP3.

Unfortunately AOL does NOT support POP3 and SMTP services

  esroh 09:35 17 Feb 03

Thanks very much for your information. It was very helpful.

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