Help, Drive space decreasing rapidly for no reason

  Fateful Shadow 13:52 21 Jun 03

As the title says, the drive space of my hard drive has decreased dramatically for no reason.

A few days ago, I had 22GB free, and when I just checked it again, I had 17GB free. I haven't installed anything, and I am just running a complete system scan via AVG.

Any ideas why this has happened?

  muppetmark 13:56 21 Jun 03

Which OS are you using, ME or XP, it could be system restore taking up this space, but the default is usually 10% has this been altered ?

  Fateful Shadow 13:59 21 Jun 03

I have ran a full system scan and there was no virus detected.

I have also looked at system restore, but, as muppetmark said, the default is 10%.

Any more ideas?

  muppetmark 14:05 21 Jun 03

Have you run disc clean up, deleted temp files etc, what is the total h/d size ?

  Fateful Shadow 14:10 21 Jun 03

The total is 28.6 GB

I know I still have quite a bit of space left, but I can't understand why the decrease has occured.

I'll try disk cleanup.

  Fateful Shadow 14:13 21 Jun 03

Just ran Disk cleanup and....

I got rid of a whole, 4MB!

Thanks for the advice, don't take the sarcasm the wrong way!

I'll try scandisk and defrag, but these usually fail, but theres no harm in trying... there?

  Fateful Shadow 14:37 21 Jun 03

I've tried to run scandisk...nothing. Then i tried to run defrag...nothing. So i decided to shut down...can you guess?

I went to Shut down, then 2 seconds after I clicked it "Shell32.dll" couldn't start, and

  Fateful Shadow 14:38 21 Jun 03

I'll continue the last post...

Shell32.dll couldn't load, so i had to hold the power button in for 5 seconds.

Restarted ok, but still no luck with defrag, scandisk, or the dissapearing Hard drive!

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