Help with disk enclosure

  wesparmalee 18:08 01 May 07

I've got an old IDE hard drive from an old pc which has all but packed up.I would like to place this hard drive in a disk enclosure and connect it externally to my current pc via USB, so i can save the info from it, and also use it as a bit of extra space etc.I've looked at the specs of my Dell E520, and it says that an extra SATA drive can be added.I don't really want to take the pc apart to fit this drive, also can the pc work with two different types of drives, i.e. one SATA and the other IDE? Thanks for reading this.

  MAJ 18:11 01 May 07

Yes, you can use both types of drive.

  Technotiger 18:14 01 May 07

Hi, you could also get a USB enclosure for the old drive, no need to go into your case then.

  Technotiger 18:15 01 May 07

I must be getting old quicker than I thought - just read your question again ...Dohh :-(

  pj123 18:53 01 May 07

Get one of these:

click here

The third one down. I have two of these units one on each of my 2 PCs. I can use any IDE drive, or optical drive as an external drive without the need for enclosures.

  Totally-braindead 18:54 01 May 07

Yes it would work ok. I've got SATA on my PC and my external hard drive is IDE it makes no difference to the PC.
I have this one click here but theres many others click here

  wesparmalee 20:40 01 May 07

Thanks for all the advice.

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