HELP DESKS - A waste of Time.

  KRANKER 13:55 12 Apr 04

When booting Norton Antivirus a script error was received. Updates from Notron and Microsoft websites were blocked.

1) I phoned Synmatec to explain the problem. They advised it was a Windows Script problem and gave me the phone number of Microsoft.

2) Microsoft asked for the operating system details and upon discovering my XP Professional was a Sony OEM version, they stated it was a "slim XP version" installed by Sony and therefore NOT a Microsoft problem. They did however offer three options (a)Buy a XP Professional CD and clean install (losing of course everything that is not backed up) (b) Call Sony as its their problem (3) Pay £180 + VAT and they (microsoft) would offer a fix.

3) I called the Sony helpline and explained the problem. The only solution offered by Sony was to run the recovery disc (of course losing all my data in the proccess).

I contacted my local (privately owned) PC shop and explained - A technician came by, dowloaded a free version of AVG Anti-Virus and this of course immediately found the Trojan viruses that Norton has failed to discover/ After zapping the Trojans my system was completely cured.

My problem her is what the heck these jokers on the Synmatec, Microsoft and Sony helplines are thinking about. Seems they just take the easy way out without a second thought as to the havoc it causes the user.... All I can say is ALWAYS question any advise that suggests a complete operating system reinstall. Just imagine I followed these experts advise!!!!!

  Djohn 14:12 12 Apr 04

Wise advice KRANKER. But you forgot to mention that a visit to this forum would also have offered good [Free] advise on what steps to take. j.

  Graham ® 14:14 12 Apr 04

These helpdesks often are NOT staffed by experts. They are ordinary people who have been on a (1 day?) training course, where they learn how to use a flow chart.

  Sir Radfordin 14:15 12 Apr 04

The reason the advice of many 'help desks' is to use the recovery CDs is because they then know the PC is back in its 'factory condition' and anything that is wrong after that is likely to have been a) caused by the user or b) a hardware fault.

To provide a real troubleshooting service costs a lot more and few companies want to provide that because consumers would refusre to pay for it (though the price of the product)

If you had proper backups of your work then the solution provide by Sony would have been suitable.

  KRANKER 14:24 12 Apr 04

Thanks Sir Radfordin - Everything was backed-up on an external HD, the problem however would be reinstalling all the application files again.

  bremner 14:51 12 Apr 04

Just to add balance - Microsoft did nothing amiss.

As they said your support for XP has to from Sony as you have an OEM copy. The options they gave were the only options open to them.

  sattman 20:28 12 Apr 04

It is indeed of concern that Norton did not find the trojan when you did a full system scan. What Trojan was it.

  KRANKER 10:06 13 Apr 04


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